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semeunion's Journal

Seme Union
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welcome to semeunion, a place for seme players to gather and let the uke roleplayers come to them! there aren't many of us, so it's best to stick together!

here at semeunion, you make a post describing whatever characters you play, whether they're created or original, the type of stories or characters you are looking for, and any other information you deem necessary, such as rules, contact information, names, or whatever.

let me reiterate, this is a community for semes. posts advertising ukes will be deleted, no notice and no questions asked. if your character is a switcher, then that is fine.

i also do not wish for you to post your age. some people who post here are looking for adult content and i will not be held responsible for it if you are underage. however, should you be underage and wish to post here anyway, that is your choice. just don't make it obvious, or you will be banned without notice.

this is just a template form to post with, you may create your own if you wish. but if you're not sure how to start, then use this! :D

your name: a common courtesy.
your contact information: aim, email, yahoo, msn, whatever.
your characters: talk about your characters here. they can be from cartoons, comics, games, books, real life, whatever. just talk about them here.
your rules: do you have a set of standards that your roleplay partner should meet? post it here.
other: post what you DON'T want from people here, kinks and fetishes, something random, anything you like.

mod: honorary
co mods: starlighting and iwanttobeasleep

use this button to advertise. :)

Affiliates: ukeadoption, where semes can find ukes