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Clarification: True Switch

Name: Cuuby

Contact Information: AIM (culacuuby); (YM (moonbeetle203) not available at the moment)

Available: Eastern Time Zone. Mostly everyday. If I'm on AIM, that means I would like to play (unless overwhelmed by requests)

Rating: PG ~ NC-17

RP Style: Third person present / past tense, novel style. I don't mind script style if we're writing crack or just fooling around ourselves, though.

Format: Email, AIM

Favorite Genres: Modern/Ancient, preferably with a tad of fantasy, or just fantasy all out. I like action / adventure, psychological thriller, gore / blood, hurt / comfort, and humor and angst at the same time. I'm accepting when it comes to well-developed sap or fluff, but please don't expect it right off the top without some very, very long relationship-building. I'm big on relationship-building, above all. In fact, I dislike PWP unless it's between two characters who are very familiar with each other.

Characters: I play switches who due to personality issues, at least half of the time lean toward seme. I play original characters only, in both original world and fandom world. If you have a certain fandom-verse you especially like, talk to me about it (Ones I am most familiar with: Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, and HP). I enjoy characters who are multi-layered and non-stereotypical. I dislike overly feminine, whimpy characters who declare themselves male. I like characters who are active in interactions, unless there are reasons otherwise specified beforehand.

Kinks: I enjoy both sadism and masochism, master-pet relationships, shota, rough foreplay, blood, mindf*ck, and non-con. I am very much obsessed with psychological thrillers. I like manipulation through fear (Not bullied little whimpering victims, but shock and craziness and such). My fetishes revolve around it, in fact. Note: Non-con must be discussed first.

*** I most often play harmless-looking characters who enjoy overpowering those whom you'd expect to overpower him.

Turn-Offs:  I dislike RPing with RPers who don't seem like their mind is in this. I dislike inconsiderate, one-sided demands. I, myself, will also refuse requests if too many present them at the same time. I like concentrating on a few RPs at a time, only. For quality purposes. I don't like furry. I don't like urine, scat, ...etc.

- No net speak or one-liners. Three lines minimum, 1~4 paragraphs preferred! Reciprocal length if longer.
- Grammar/Spelling mistakes are acceptable if it's not done on regular basis.
- If you don't want to play, tell me nicely. Don't force yourself and make it unpleasant for both of us.
- Thoughtfulness on behalf of both parties will help push the story along and make it a more pleasant experience. Self-centered-ness will only wear people down fast.

Additional Notes: I'm a bit of a slow RPer, mostly because I like to think a couple of steps ahead before I post. Please have patience with me. And have fun, of course! <3
And, this template is pilfered from Adrie's post. Many thanks in advance (Er, or apology, if that is the case anyway.)
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