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Looking for a seme

 Name: Mihai

Contact: MSN: Kitetheazureflame@hotmail.com
AIM: Ask me

Available: I'm on vacation as on now, so I'm on everyday. After Jan 3, however, I go back to work. So I'll be on after 3:30 pm EST time.

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17/18 yaoi. Though I would like to start a yuri rp as well <3

Rp Style: Mostly second person or third.

Level: Eh....I've been doing this for a few years now.

Format: Email or IM.

Favorite Genres: Ah, Can't say that I do have a fav at the moment. I'm willing to try anything, and if I think I'll suck at it, I'll let you know. xD

Characters: I only use and play with original characters.  I would like it if my partner does the same. It feels...strange doing an RP with a char from a game or anime. Sorry ^^; As mentioned before, I play ukes as well as semes, but am more comfortable playing an uke. Much better at ukes. xD My ukes are aggressive, speak their mind, fight when need to, play hard to get and are NOT girls. I don't play uke that whine and such. Not my thing.

Kinks: Really dominate Semes, aggressive semes, student/teacher, master/servant/pet, uniforms, S&M play, marking ones skin [biting and cutting] pushing my ukes against walls/tables...yeah. xD Anything else that comes to mind I'll let you know.

Turn offs: ONE SENTENCE POSTS. I don't expect a story from anyone, but I hate when I get  one line posts. Granted I know there will be times when you can't think of enough to say. Once in awhile is ok, but not all the time. If I give you a paragraph, I'll expect the same.

Rules: Don't have any, or much I should say. xD Your allowed to do anything to my ukes save for killing them.

Additional Notes: This is just for fun, so let's have a good time, ne? I like to be friends with people I rp with when we aren't doing one. I can be a bit shy when starting out a new RP, but that will change once I get to know you.
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