Gabriela Nevermore (shu_utada) wrote in semeunion,
Gabriela Nevermore

Seme looking for uke, yay

Name: Gabriela. Yeah, a girl who LOVES playing YAOI. =D Been there for 7 years now.

Contact: MSN: / e-mail:

Online at: well, I live in brazil, so it will depend on where you live. =/ but I'm here mostly at 19. Everyday. But I can change it, if it would be better for the player.

Style: Past tense, using asteristics for actions.

Format: I love playing by MSN.

Favorite Genre: Yaoi.

Plays: Original settings.

Favorite Theme / Concept: I dont actually have one, but I dont like vampire, fantasy and stuff. Well, i appreciate something like A social and rich seme dealing with an uke who doesnt belong to his social activities, but that can change easily, it's just an idea.

Rate your play: NC-18+. LOL

-Lemon. Hell yeah, I love it, so it's something that HAS to be in the game.
-Playing with adults. The youngest I would make is a 22 yo.
-Flaming, obstinate, angry uke.

Doesnt like:
-Dark lemon
-A shy uke, well, he may be, but NOT TOO MUCH.
-A crying uke
-A female uke lol
-Ukes that wont do anything during lemon and act like a doll.

OTHER: Well, I'm looking for submissives, so... nothing much to say about it. But just because you're passive doesnt mean you have to be silly, crying, too shy and so on.
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