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Seme looking for just the right uke.

Well, hello there, posting again here, but it's a bit more streamlined this time. So I'm this seme guy (yes, very much a guy, and yes, very much a seme) looking for uke roleplayers. Let's light this candle.

Mame: Freddie.

Contact information: aim - Logical Mystic, yahoo - imperfectkatoru, msn -

Format: third person, first person, asterisks, novel, whatever floats your boat.

Rating: Usually hovers around NC 17, smut's almost a requirement in my book, and I'll be completely honest about that. Please don't IM me if you're under 18.

Orientation: yaoi and het.

Loves: silly and literate OOC banter, playfulness, foreplay, smut, saaaaap, lots of love, kinkiness, ukes looking for a big bad affectionate seme

Dislikes: angst, drama, strife, way too much description, taking too long to get to the good stuff

Fandoms: looking for ukes like Quatre, Duo (not that he isn't a switch!), Naruto, Dio and so on. Also I'm interested in screwing with other (possibly het dominated) fandoms, turning a canon girl into an uke guy, that kind of thing. I can't possibly list all the fandoms I'm at least slightly interested in, but there's always a chance I might know what you may want.

Originals: Anything from bandmates to magical boys to elves. Anything light, cute, fluffy, sappy, imaginative, creative along those lines. Sky's the limit there, really.

Kinks: Almost anything you can come up with. Dirty talking, teasing, anything at all involving tab A going into slot B. Magic, elements, other mystical-y stuff to add some flavor. Anyway, there's way more that I have if you want to ask me about it. Might be surprised. ~_^

Anyway, hope this helps everyone who's looking!
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