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Contact Information

Name: Elli
Instant Messengers: Mostly Yahoo - Finalfantasy_eiko
Time Zone/Location: Scotland GMT Zone
Availability: Most days. Hours change though depending on University and Family. Here is the usual time’s I am available. Just please don’t get too mad when I vanish during exam times. I’m sure you can understand.
Mondays - Roughly from 6pm till 4am
Tuesdays - Roughly from 4pm till 1am
Wednesdays - Roughly from 7pm till 3am
Thursdays - Roughly from 6pm till 3am
Fridays - Roughly from 3pm till 4am
Saturdays - My sisters kids come down so this can change depending on when they go home. Usually 9pm till 4am. Might be earlier. Hardly ever later.
Sundays - Roughly 4pm till 1am.


Position In Bed: Both. My semes are usually quite mean and my ukes are usually either ones who will fight back or ones who are too weak and require a lot of help. I like Seme the best though.
Orientation: Mostly Yaoi but I don’t mind het. now and then as long as it’s not the central relationship within the RP.


Level of Experience: I suppose some would say I’ve not rped for that long. I first start three years ago but it was on and off and most of my replies where quite short. Then I got back into it about a year and a half ago and have been trying to develop my skills. Now I try and write long posts all the time but it depends on who I am rping with. I would like to think I am good at writing various lengths of posts but I know that there are ways I can improve and I am always open to help and advice.

Preferred Platform: Yahoo, E-mail, LJ, Forum…which ever suits you. E-mail can be a little tricky at times though. If we are emailing please don’t make the title of the email be anything that will be filtered as I have to open my email account inside of University grounds ^^;

RP Type: Please make it plot. Sex is good but only as part of the plot.
Plot Duration: Long if the other person is good and into it as much as I am.

Planning: I like to have a basic idea of the setting and if theres anything I should know about the other’s character. If it’s plot based then working out the plot would also be good as long as it can still be played around with. I have a habit of going off to one side before returning to the main plot.

Post Length: Usually quite long. I like long posts with lots of detail but mine will be about the same length as yours. Basically if you put effort into the post then I shall do the same.

Point of View: Third Person/Omniscien
Tense: Both
Style: Novel

Strengths: Once into the RP a little I am good at coming up with new idea. I am also alright at juggling more than one character. Most of my rp’s have various characters as well as my main one. Helps me to write better is all. I also need to play a good guy if my seme is bad and vise versa. Helps me balance things out.
Weaknesses: I can sometimes get lazy with my posts. When I do you’ll know about it because I will moan. Sometimes my idea do dry up and I would like to have help with the plot. It’s painful to drive it along by yourself cause then your at risk of making everything revolve around your own character and then I get moaned at. If you feel I am doing this then tell me!!

Peeves and Other Nitpicky Things

Grammar: A few mistakes are fine. I make some too…
Spelling: Again a few mistakes are fine. I’m not the strongest of spellers myself….
Getting Out Of Tense: It’s fine with me.
Things You Hate In RP: When things are ignored that are suppose to help or hinder a character. It annoys me. I wrote about it on purpose. Also when someone gets attacked and heals about one hour afterwards…it makes no sense unless of course they have supper healing abilities.
Things You Love In RP: People helping me with the plot, planning as we go along, discussing ideas, learning more about the characters via the rp and not outside. It’s more intresting!
Warnings: I am not the best of spellers. If spelling is major for you I will use spell check. If I have coursework I may be slower than normal but I will try and worry you. Also if it’s like 2am here please don’t be mad if my posts suddenly take longer to write with the same amount of detail in them. I do get tired after all.

RP/Writing Sample

This is from an old RP I was in and was my introduction post.

The library always had been his favorite hang out. It was the one place in this messed up world that seemed to hold onto the reality of what it was suppose to be. It stored books. It allowed you to sit in silence and read as well as to loan the books out. It was the same. Unlike most buildings today. He sighed a little and shifted to one side in the chair. As always the chairs where either too soft or too hard meaning he had to get up and move around now and then. Maybe that was a design they put in place to try and stop so many people from hanging around. Razi though was not just hanging around. He had a purpose and he wasn't leaving until he got what he came for.

Unfortunaly, this purpose was taking forever. He had dragged Nagian along for the ride and the smaller boy was a far more active type and so it didn't take that long for the younger one to become bored. He sat and tapped his girl like nails against the wood of the table, a sly smirk on his boyish face at the glare that he was receiving off others. But Nagian wasn't one to take other people into consideration. All he cared about was himself, as well as Razi, a very small amount though. In Nagian's eyes all that was important to him was himself. As long as Nagian was happy then the world should be.

So, this book was taking forever to find. Nagian had watched the older red head march up and down the many bookcases, his finely made shoes echoing off the stone flooring. And that wasn't annoying anyone? The white head sighed and pulled away from the table, making sure that the chair legs scrapped across the floor, a high pitched squeal echoing around the dome building. Ah, it was amazing just how easily sound seemed to travel in complete silence.

"Any more of this foolish behaviour and I shall report you to and Natgaz", the liberain snapped, Nagian turning to insult her but Razi got there first, flashing his brightest of smiles at the old women who manged to blush.

"Sorry for his rudeness. He was attack off one of the Fallen a few nights ago...hasn't been the same since", Razi smiled softly as the lie so easily slipped past his lips. It had been this way since they reached this city, Nagian just seemed to love bringing attention to himself which was the very thing that Razi was trying to avoid. The woman nodded slowly and turned away back to her computer screen, Razi turning and grabbing Nagian's ear, dragging him behind the bookcases and growling down at him.

"What happened to the plan? We're trying to remain hidden!", Razi snapped at him, trying to ignore the way that the other whimpered.

"I'm bored. Can't you hurry it up a little? We've been in this stupid place for almost four hours now!"

"And?", Razi sighed and drew a hand threw his shoulder length hair as he tried despertaly to find a way to remain calm. Sometimes it was just too tempting to kill Nagian.

"Well...annoying people is how I have my fun?", Nagian shrugged, gazing up at Razi and smiling weakly, Razi sighing heavily.

What was the point? No matter what you said to him he just didn't seem to want to listen. So Razi just turned, picked up the glowing book and wondered off to a nearby table, sitting and flickering through it, gazing up as Nagian sat down, holding his head in his hands and sighing softly, "This is the most boring thing we've ever done"

"You mean watching the ice melt wasn't it?"

Nagian frowned for a moment, casting his mind back to the time where they city had been ecased in a thick layer of ice. He sighed and shook his head before laying it on the table, only looking up again as Razi let off a small gasp of excitment. Hopefully that mean't they'd be out of here soon.

"It is in this city...close by as well!", he smiled and gazed at Nagian who just shrugged not really knowing just what it was that this crazy man wanted in this city. Razi chuckled and place the book away, grabbing his coat and rushing towards the doors, Nagian sighing as he tried despertly to keep up, bowing low to the guards before taking his 'masters' hand and following him out onto the high street.

"So where are we going?"

"To the mansion at the end of this walkway", Razi hummed happily and pulled him into his side, sighing happily, "We'll find the one we need there"

"Took you long enough", Nagian sighed, closing his eyes and allowing Razi to lead him towards the mansion.

My posts can be longer or shorter and with more detail. Just depends on your needs as well as mine. I’m flexible.


None/Original Only - Sorry but I find this the easier way of doing things. This way I cannot be moaned at for not knowing the character etc. because they are mine so I will know them better than anyone.

Original Characters

Character Journal: N/A
Age: Most of mine are between sixteen to twenty one. I don’t really like playing any older, mostly because I am only nineteen and do not think I can play an older character that well. Strange maybe but that’s the way I feel. That said, my mythological characters such as demons and vampires will be older but will looks about twentyish.
Personality: Depends on if I am Seme or Uke and what the other person is play.
Seme - Mine are usually mean. The badass type who demand control and power. I have a couple who are the more romantic type, protecting and kind but the badasses seem to be used more often. All my semes are protective but theres just a difference in the amount. I.e. the badass can seem more obsessed than in love and can be very processive over what the Uke is doing.
Uke - Again they fall into two main catorgies. Most of them are sweet, the cute type that like to go and get themselves into trouble, basically punching bags for whatever your Seme wants to do or what I do to them and they have to be protected. My second type are almost like my kind semes. They can look after themselves and are mostly quite scared of love but calm down when they know that things are safe. They can become switches most of the time but prefere mostly to bottom.
Appearance: I use pictures from photo bucket for my characters appearance. I have a thing for dark hair and dark eyes. Just ask me to send you a link and I’ll be glad to.
Social Classes: I enjoy playing with rich and poor and the status of power that can be given through this. I also like playing with something like fate, like trying to stop a horrible thing from happening to them or something like that. Again, I am flexible and open to ideas.

Character Types You Love: I’ll split this into two again:
Seme - I love badass. That’s why I play them so much. My ukes are developed to be beaten around a little so Semes who love but still can lose their tempers and beat their lovers now and then are good. As are serial killers and the likes. Yummmmmmy.
Ukes - Please don’t make them too weaky and girly. I know I said mine are the type who sometimes need protection but the important word there is SOMETIMES. I basically mean that I don’t want to have to keep running to safe your character for most of the time my seme will be the one being cruel. So the uke has to be, well strong at least mentally. I throw a lot of bad stuff at characters.
Character Types You Hate: Characters whose fears seem never to hinder them. Ones that have sudden bursts of strength or who suddenly act so out of character your left wondering just what happened to make them act that wall. Over silent is also annoying. It’s hard to RP when the other character won’t speak.
Other Characters: Hehehe I play loads of characters. I usually start with two or three and then build it up from there. In my experience the more characters there is the easier it is to write.

Supernatural Creatures

Anthropomorphics/Nekos/etc.: I only play neko’s and they only have ears and tail. They act like cats do. I.e, hating the rain and loving fish.
Angels: Are touch and go. I have an Uke who is an angel. He is extremely pale with white hair. Also quite weak and fragile. The only really angelic thing about him is his singing and his wings that can break away when needed to enable him to blend in with humans easier.
Demons: Usually my demons aren’t evil, just because it seems so obvious. This being said I do have a clan war Rp that’s about two groups of demons, one of who are trying to take over the world and humans while another is trying to stop them. They usually have bats wings and are quite good looking.
Elves: Beautiful creatures who love the forest. I try to make them seem human yet at the same time different so that it’s obvious that they have more wisdom and power than a human would have. Usually they are gifted in healing and use the true names of things in order to use magic. If an elf knows your true name they can use that against you. They age slower and at a certain stage they will stop aging altogether. Death only comes through battle or a rare disease that is slowly spreading throughout the elven clans.
Incubi/Succubi: Never played this….
Vampires: They are pale and cold but otherwise basically look like a human. All of mine require blood. Full vampires need to drink blood almost everyday unless they’ve been lazy and haven’t moved around all that much. The more magical propities a blood has then the more addictive and filling the blood would be to the vampires. Blood from ill or sick people would make them ill as well so they try to avoid it as much as possible. Half vampires need blood once a week and usually can survive off blood from animals alone. Both of them are weakened by the sun though vampires are the ones who are most affected. They have to wear dark clothes outside and sunglasses to protect their eyes. Half vampire can stay outside and blend with humans but usually don’t feel well after an hour or two out in direct sunlight.
Werewolves: I don’t really like them….
Ghosts: Not played these before but it does sound good…would need some help.
Other: None that I can think of….

Common Motifs

Business/Corporation: Blackmail, non-con… all good with me. Death: I don’t mind them dying for the right reasons. If my main character died though that could be a little difficult.
Gangs: Gangs are good. I like violence in my Rp’s though not all the time.
Incest: Yeah okay. Twin brothers are the best.
Prison: Rape would be really common, with the powerful people protecting those weaker in return for sex. Maybe a master slave element where cell mates claim another as their own.
Religious Stuff: Hmm I don’t think this does much for me…. It could be worked on though I suppose.
Teacher/Student: Sure but not my favourite type.

Magic/ Abilities

General Magic

Who: If it was an rp with magic then I think normal people would be able to use it but that the amount you could use would change with ranks. For example a healer would be best at healing magic.
What: Age would make the magic stronger though if used too much then it may tire their body out.
Where: Maybe highly religious place?
When: Magic would be used only as a last resort. It should not be used all the time or just for fun although people can ignore these rules espically if the character is a bit of a rule breaker.
Why: They are born with the ability.
How: They use it in everyday life but not all the time for that would just make them lazy. Using magic requires energy so they would have to eat more as well. Going to schools to highten magical skills would also help.
Limitations: Love and control are big no no’s. Anyone caught using spells for these purposes will be punished.

Magic Specifics

Astrology/Divination: Depends on the plot. If they did then they wouldn’t be able to see their own future. Seeing into the future would also take a lot of energy from them.
Controlling Nature: Usually only my elven characters. They are one with nature and can control earth like elements such as flowers and trees as well as the animals that live in the forest.
Exorcism: I don’t have this one. If I did though weaker demons would be more easy to get rid or than stronger.
Healing: My angel character can heal. He sings and that slowly heals the wounds but he cannot heal illnesses or mental states of mind. Other healing would be limited by the characters skills/talents.
Meditation: maybe a little but wouldn’t be that much.
Necromancy: Nope don’t think so…..
Summons: Nah don’t think so…though it could be used as a part of a planned plot I think.
Use of poppets (dolls): Nope…..
User Created Magic: I made up magic for my half vampires who can use their blood to make spells and such. There is also a few characters who can mix up potions to make people follow them, make them aroused etc.

Extra-Sensory Perception

Telepathy: One of my demons has this ability. He can read minds but it can be blocked by a strong mind if desired.
Clairvoyance: Sure I could play this.
Precognition: I see this more as a curse. Like if your character can see bad things about to happen but doesn’t have the power to stop it….
Retrocognition: Hmmm not really thought on this much….
Mediumship: Not really. I’m flexible though.
Psychometry: This sounds cool! Sure thing!
Telekinesis: Yes. This is one of my favourite to play.

Although some of my character do have these powers I won’t use them if the setting say they shouldn’t.


None that I can think of…flexible though once more.


Fluff: Hmm I’m not that good at playing this.
Angst/Wangst: I love angst. I don’t think I would like Wangst that much. But I am flexible.
PWP: Not really a fan…I like to have a plot….
Humor: I like little bits of humour but it’s not a must have.


[For a list of sub-genres you'll need when filling out this section, check here. ]


Plays: Yes
Concepts: Most really. Ask and I’ll most likely agree.
Comments: I like to mix this with a hint of fantasy to it. I find it too bland if it’s not made different in some way.


Plays: Yes
Sub-genres: urban fantasy, dark fantasy, most really
Magic: See Magic/Abilities.
Concepts: Hmm any! I like quests, slavery, wars, social classes, magical setings…again I am flexible.
Setting: Hmm limited technology and perhaps different worlds.
Comments: I play this a lot. Would be fun to mix it with a lot of different settings.


Plays: Never played though I like the idea.
Stories: Hmm any really. Snow White, Alice in wonderland… any
Comments: If we use this I’ll need some till to adjust as I’ve never done it before.

Science Fiction/Cyberpunk/Utopian Fiction/Dystopian Fiction

Plays: Yes
Sub-genres: Any really… talk to me and I’ll see.
Technology Level: Usually quite advanced. Cloning could be there but it would have to be illegal or something.
Other Planets/Solar Systems: Hmmm no….
Aliens: No…not into this…
Comments: I’ve only ever played this once and it never really went that far so I would like to try it again at some point.

Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic

Plays: I would like to.
Genres: Both really. Apocalyptic sounds good.
Setting: Earth
Technology: It would be either now adays or advanced but scatted around the world.
Threats: Limited resources, poison in the water and in the rain, mutated humans and animals, people trying to gain more control and power than they should have. Again I am flexible with idea.
People: Would mostly be in gangs who fight for the limited resources.
Comments: I really want to try this one.


Plays: No….

Alternative History & Alternative Universe/Parallel Universe

Plays: No

Crime Fiction

Plays: Sure thing.
Sub-genres: Any. Open to suggestions.
Comments: Not really played before but it could be fun.


Plays: Yes
Locations: Any where really.
People: Any really. I’m flexible.
Comments: Not really done before but I’ll try if you like.


Plays: Yes
Situations: Serial killers

Getting Kinky With It

The Basics

Mutual Masturbation: Yes
Anal: Yes
Oral: Yes
Rimming: Yes!


Toys: I enjoy toys. I like them being used on me but I’m not all the good at using them on others so be patient with me.
Unusual Locations: Some reason I like kitchen sex…don’t ask. Any place where theres risk of them being found is good.

Fun With Others

Multiple Partners: Yes. Espically if in rape.
Pregnancy: If they aren’t human I don’t mind if a male get pregnant but it has to be different somehow from a normal female pregnancy.
Other: I like gang rapes far too much as long as one of my characters is being raped as well.


Tentacles: Sure.
Bestiality: None.
Human-Animal Roleplay: In slave and master rp’s only.

Bondage, Kinks, and Fetishes

Roles/Themes: Master/Servant, Master/Slave, Master/Submissive, Power/Authority
Likes Discipline and training, Chastity Devices, Cages, Straight jackets, Paddles, Stocks, Whips.
Dislikes: Don’t know of anything…. If I don’t I’ll say so.
Asphyxiation: This could be fun!
Cannibalism: No…
Necrophilia: Depends how it’s done…
Body Modification

Piercings/Tattoos: Only in a slave/master setting really.
Branding/Scarification: Only in slave/master or if in an experiment or something like that.
Other: Hmm experiments would be okay as long as it wasn’t my main character and we talked it over first.

Bodily Fluids

Blood Play: Yes.
Toilet Play: No

Dress-Up/Role Play/Occupational Fetishes

Adored Apparel:Animal accessories (cat ears, cat tail, etc.)
Disliked Apparel: Nothing…
Cross Dressing: it’s fine with me…
Role-play: Sure


Dirty talk: Yes!
Rough Sex/Dub-Con/Non-con: Bring it on!
Voyeurism: Yes.
Other: I like rape/rough sex.

Current Urges

None really at the moment. Just be warned that my seme can be a little cruel at times.

Parting Words

Thanks for reading all of this. Please get in touch with me and we can come up with a plot or two. If you are capable of playing seme and uke then maybe we can do that? So that we’ve both got a couple were one of us is seme and another couple where we’re uke as well? It’s a tactic I used once when I realised out of ten rps I was uke in one…

Hope to hear from you soon.