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OUR DIVINITY is a private yaoi role-play based loosely off greek mythology, sawauchi sachiyo’s tenshinchigi, and minekura kazuya’s saiyuki: gaiden.

this idea is that it's a group of gods who never knew (much) about one another other than by their own divinity. they soon find their fates entangled and eventually become friends or lovers due to these connections. it's all about love, laughter, sadness, and growing up as they learn about themselves and the world around them.

this role-play takes place on an island that floats above the clouds. the island, elysium, can be seen by all but only visited by divine beings. it is covered by open green fields, thick forests, sharp mountain ranges, scorching deserts, deep lakes (salt or fresh), and even a volcano (euripides). its two seas, the cocytus and the acheron, are on either side of the island and undersea creatures can be seen swimming within the clear waters.

eve, the kingdom of the gods, resembles saiyuki: gaiden's heaven and have mansions connected a main house.


characters will be created freely. there is no true character form so write a biography and personality and supply a role-play sample in that character. biographies and personalities should be well-written with dedication and any character type is welcome--even those with a lot of baggage.

♠ characters can be designated as "seme" or "uke" but be prepared to be refused if there are too many of one kind.

♠ the overall idea on homosexuality is personal. the gods promote loving freely and most don't care about another god's sexual preference but some gods may disagree with this.

♠ the gods are based off nature and have mansions surrounding the main house:

♦ earth (or mother)
♦ fire (or light, day, the sun)
♦ water
♦ wind
♦ thunder & lightning (one god)
♦ darkness (or night, the moon)
♦ king and queen (npc, live in the main house, and rule over minor gods such as war, fertility, etc.)

gods of nature (the main characters) are children of previous gods of nature. earth is the son of the previous god of earth, water is the son of the previous goddess of water, etc. do not specify ages just parenthesize suggested age.

♠ gods don't have any amazing powers. fire can create a small flame, water can pull moisture from the air but it'd just make dew on his hands, and earth can cause plants to grow. no super strength, they fly by use of a chariot, and they can't shoot magical beams and wipe out a whole human village. their natural powers can be amplified through use of nature's divine instruments however...


since this is going to be multiple characters interacting at once we'll need a system that makes it easy for all of us to play together. because of that, i've decided to use google groups. all you need in order to play is a gmail account and an aim name.

GMAIL/GOOGLE GROUPS why? well, i like the organization of google groups. it allows you to collapse and expand a long chain of messages and while messages are collapsed, you can pick and choose which replies you'd like to expand and it moves downward in a straight line without slowly going off to the side to the point that you have to keep moving your scroll bar over just to see
on the bottom of your page, squished into the side. it's just personal preference on looks, really. please make an in-character gmail for your character. characters can use the e-mails like a note system:

earth to wind: come to the fish pond in my garden.

that is just an example of what you could use e-mail for. e-mails are the equivalent of the short messages carrier pigeons would deliver or they can be long letters (of love? hate? just because?). use your e-mail creatively but please remember forward private messages/letters to everyone. more on messages in the faq.

AIM since there isn't an easy way to ooc while roleplaying, an aim chat will be created when multiple people are playing together. they can talk with each other while awaiting posts or to tell others they have updated. also, it will help with group planning and to help others become better acquainted with one another. we can give each other constructive criticism on role-playing or just opinions on each others characters or writing style. this isn't only a group write but a way to help find more role-play friends. you do not need an in-character aim name specifically for the character since it's just ooc talk.

on deciding who gets in, current members will review who is accepted or rejected however, the first roleplay will not begin until at least four members of the deity group are taken.

LOGGING all logs will be kept in this journal and friends only. also, you do not need an in-character journal to be added as a friend.


♥ i still don't understand what the characters are supposed to be doing.

anything you want. they could spend a day doing nothing at the lake or spying on their neighbors because they suspect they're cheating on their lovers. it's supposed to be more of a "slice of life" game just in the form of gods who have a lot of time on their hands. this game is primarily based on character interaction with minor plots to entertain them. if that's boring, sorry.

♥ i'm still interested. what types of plots? are they all pre-planned?

all plots will be pre-planned but how each situation is resolved depends entirely on the characters. trust me, these characters should not always be at comfort with each other or their current situations. there will be drama and each character will have a reaction to it.

♥ so you made this but you're not really going to lead the group? what if it dies?

oh well, i'd rather get the idea out there than let it sit and turn into nothing within my mind. the players will decide what happens and the characters will have to deal with it. if it dies that means we idled too long on one situation instead of keeping it moving at a moderate pace or everyone gets busy. i'm not looking that far ahead. got to have faith, right?

♥ how can i pick which god i want? what gods are there and what if they're taken?

aim, e-mail, or comment this post. the gods are EARTH, WATER, FIRE, WIND, THUNDER & LIGHTNING, and DARKNESS. if they're taken you can choose another. if they've just been requested, don't be scared to request them too. sometimes the person who requests second or third can get that character.

♥ why is the group so small? why are there only six open places? which god have you chosen?

the group is small because i like writing in close knit groups without having to worry about knowing every single character in a role-play. i've role-played in journal communities with upwards of 80-100+ people. i don't like that range when i would only talk to a fraction of those people. with six, we can all get along together. there's only six gods because there's so many i could make up but then that'd end up like a huge community if it was a popular enough idea.

i haven't chosen a god yet, haha. i'm lazy. my character will be made soon.

♥ are there any predetermined pairings? if not, what if i don't couple my boy? that doesn't seem fair.

there are no predetermined pairings. excluding your character, there are five guys. you can hit on any of them and if they hit on you back then so be it. honestly, if your character is bothered by being single, he can complain about it (only if it's part of your character's personality to do so!) to the others or start some drama because the guy he liked fell in love with another. you know, help make the role-play interesting. if all the characters end up not liking each other at all, they can just remain friends. i don't want anyone to feel forced to pair up with someone. it's as fair as the players make it.

♥ speaking of drama, what about ooc drama? why constructive criticism? just explain it all!

there will be no tolerance of ooc drama. if you don't get along with someone, ignore them or tell me. as the leader of the role-play group, i will gladly listen to any problems you have while role-playing or in real life. i encourage constructive criticism because it helps us all become better writers. i'm certainly not the best but i also hope i'm not the worst out there. also, if you just create problems ooc, you'll be warned then removed from the group.

♥ back to this message system... you blew my mind. what are you talking about?

all private messages will be forwarded to everyone but they cannot reply to it unless they're the person having the message sent to them. you're probably wondering why not just post it in the google group but that's because i don't want the board to be littered with little notes or letters. by forwarding it to everyone, they can read it at their leisure or delete it if they don't care to see it. it's much easier to clean the mailbox than that message board.

on the divine beasts, every god has an animal that represents them. it's up to you to choose what animal they use just as make sure they can carry the message.

♥ will sex be allowed? are there rules?

of course! this is "yaoi". you should create a seperate post for sex but beware, characters could sneak into your thread and ruin sex or they could watch you in the act. how to prevent this? go to a VERY private place (the backyard means you're just asking to be caught), lock the door and close the blinds, and hope that no one decides to visit your characters while they are doing the dirty. in real life, you could easily get caught having sex so why not have it happen in role-play? (trust me, i've heard people having sex or walked in on them and it's not pleasant.)

♥ i still have questions!

i probably didn't think of them all so comment here and i'd gladly answer them for you, darling!


AIM my house in may
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