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Hey a Dukes of Hazzard ashtray!

Hey there! I'm a guy that loves RP. As for what I tend to RP, originals I can do, but it'll usually take a good idea to really get me going. Like I wouldn't really go for traditional cliche original plots. At this very moment, I almost want to have something slice of life, not as much straight-up yaoi (I know that's a pretty bad pun :P) if we're going for originals, what with the temperature outside falling and everything getting all contemplative. I welcome yaoi and het equally and encourage both. And I'm a decent, capable seme. Anyway, let's get to the details:

your name: call me Fred or Freddie or what have you.

your contact information: aim - logical mystic yahoo - imperfectkatoru msn -

your characters (or pairings): originals I probably need some help making a decent character, especially if we're going to do something slice of life and calming and enjoyable.

Fandoms are numerous, but I tend not to RP characters as much as I do pairings. Pairings I look for these days yaoi-wise range from Quatre and Trowa (GW, though Duo is also a fine character to be up against) to Nagi and Omi (Weiss), Naruto (pairings are a bit odd for that one, to forewarn), Gravitation (usually Shuichi with anyone else'll work). I also play Fakir from Princess Tutu, if anyone knows. Shigure x Yuki or Kyo (Furuba) is also good. I also play some pairings from video games, too, like Sonic. And if ever I can find an awesome, playful Dio (Last Exile) to be uke it would be awesome to be Luciola.

your rules: I like to freewheel it. Some people may think it lazy, but if my mind's not in it in enough, to be honest, it won't be more than two paragraphs. I want to be inspired to write more, though, and it has happened before. To be brutally honest I don't feel the need for superfluous description unless a scene calls for it on that rare occasion. Other than that, I don't really have peeves, it's just common sense stuff, just have fun, not making it too serious, etc. I do appreciate and encourage OOC banter. I think it is that added dimension that makes it that much more fun. Especially if we like the same music. Music is a great thing.

Also, to forewarn once more, I'm (very) smutty. I'm definitely up for hormonally charged RPs, and I will stop just short of saying that every RP will have it so please be aware. And be of age, too. u_u; If you're really into that stuff, all the better, it makes the fun even more crazy. It takes a certain kind of crazy, though, methinks. Playfulness and teasing are huge huge pluses in my book. Whatever book that is.

Anyway, hope that sent a true enough message out there for anyone interested. Talk to you soon!
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