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your name: Tam, or whatever nickname I'm given. A few people call me Pocky.
your contact information: AIM - hearthepockysing YIM - random_temporary_insanity
your characters:

I have quite an array of characters. Although, I'll only mention my seme boys here. I can also make characters on the spot (most days), if the need calls for it.

Note: More info and pictures can be found here. 

Sex:  Male
Height: 6ft 4"
Personality : He's very independent and doesn't take shit from anyone. Loves to be in control. Although, if that control is taken away, Azen tends to get quite cranky.
History:  He works at a gay strip club as a bartender, and has a small house on the outskirts of the city, which he inherited from his parents when they died just over a year ago.

Name:  Nyne (Not his real name, but the name he gave himself)
Age: 19    
Sex: Male
Occupation: No official job, but is a thief.
Personality:  Nyne is a bit of a loner, his circle of friends consisting of only a few people he connected with.  He doesn't smile a lot, nor does he speak of his past, but that doesn't stop him cracking jokes and pulling pranks. Those are generally done with a straight face. He has two tattoos, both identical: Roman numerals for nine. One, on his middle right finger, and the other above his right eyebrow.
History: He lives in the City of Kiren. The city is divided by class, the Higher End, the Middleside, and the Low End. He was raised in an orphanage, and outcast from the family he never knew. He has no intent of finding his family, content with his life how it is. He learned to steal from an early age, taught by an older boy in the orphanage. He left when he was 15 and began to live on his own.
Note: Nyne's not sexually active. He's in denial of having such feelings. So, a bit of work will be needed here. His ideal setting is a steampunk style world, somewhere on the brink of steam technology. Although, he can fit into other settings.

Name:  Kai
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Height: 6ft
Personality: Friendly, and forward, Kai is gay and proud of it. He happily talks about it and doesn't care if people look down on him because of it. He speaks his mind, not believing on holding back what you feel - unless it's obviously too harsh.
History: Kai's family are both well known Healers and he also has their Talent, although he refuses to use it. His parents want him to follow in their footsteps and use the Talent he was blessed with.  He lives in a granny flat out the back of his parents place, and spends a lot of time writing and doing art as it's what he wants to do in life.
Misc:  The world he is in, is an alternate universe where people with powers or Talents, are normal. Those without Talents are seen as out of favor with the Gods and are often referred to as Freaks.

Name: Crevan
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Height: 5ft 9"
Personality:  Crevan says exactly what he thinks, no matter the consequence. He can be sarcastic in a pinch, and is pretty sharp.  Although, he remains bitter about the attacks which the Capital made in an attempt to raid the gems and precious metals the country trades in. He prefers to sneak in and kill his enemies silently rather than go in guns blazing.
History: Crevans's parents divorced when he was 14, and he remained living with his father, while his mother moved to another country. He is an only child, who grew up with dreams of grandeur as life as a bounty hunter. Crevan followed his dreams, and is one of the few registered bounty hunters.  He's very creative and can make almost anything from everything he finds. He spends a lot of his spare time wandering around the old Fall Zones, scrounging lost items from the remaining ruins.

Name: Stanislav Dracul
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 6ft 3"
Personality: Confident, and flirtatious, Stanislav feels very strongly about his work. He's a male prostitute by choice, and enjoys his work, although he's very picky about whom he sleeps with.  He doesn't believe in love, or relationships.
History: He comes from Northern Russia, but speaks fluent English, as he learned it in school.  He didn't do too well in school, as his attention span isn't the longest. He never finished high school, leaving in year 11 to try to get a job. He soon grew bored with 'conventional' jobs, and started to sleep around, which soon turned into paid sex.

Name: Raziel
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 5 ft 8"
Personality:Being from an upperclass family, Raziel can act snobbish at times. He was born into money, and acts like it. He can be selfish, or kind, depending on his mood or how he's being treated at the time.
History: His parents bought him a top floor loft apartment as a high school graduation gift, and he lives there rent free. He studies part time at college and also works at his fathers advertising firm part time.  He has the weekend off, but tends to stay at home most of the time, unless something interesting is going on.

Name: Maximillian
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Height: 6ft
Personality: Not a fan of people, Maximillian has issues due to his parents marriage ending when he was 14 and has become emotionally distant to everyone.  He barely lives at home, preferring to live on the streets and set various things on fire including each of his past schools. He refuses to see a therapist to deal with those issues, and holds deep resentment against his parents, his father moreso.
History: His problems started at 14, and he was expelled from his first school when he set fire to various rubbish bins in the building.  He was transferred to a second school, and he soon set that on fire as well.  Now, at 16, he's in his third school, and so far hasn't been expelled. Also, he'll steal from anyone without regret, be it money or things of value.

Name: Tiernan
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: 6"ft
Personality: He tends to get grumpy if he hasn't has his fix, but otherwise he seems mostly stable. Although, there are times when he's unstable and can loose it, so things can get broken on bad days. Tiernan has a somewhat twisted view of what is normal, so his idea of romance is a little off.
History: Raised in a wealthy household, but barely saw his parents. Raised by a live-in nanny he grew bitter towards his parents and turned to drugs in a rebellious move. He got addicted, and now believes he needs his hit to get through the day. He lives on his parents property in his own house, and barely talks to his family.

Name: Vincent Kalus
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Height: 5ft 7"
Personality: Vincent looks and acts like a sweetheart unless he's in a bad mood, or you do something to annoy him. He can be romantic, and dotes on his partner. Although his temper flares easily, and he can turn violent. Although, he acts repentant once he calms down and will make it up to his partner.
History: He comes from a middle class family, his mother works in childcare and his father is a factory worker.  Vincent has three siblings, two sisters and one brother, who are all older.  He's boarding at the college he attends, although he's looking for an apartment nearby rather than stay in the dorms.

your rules: No one is perfect, but I do not tolerate god modders.  Mary sues/Gary stues are also a big no-no, as well as people who only reply with one word. (Yes, it happens). Please, give me something to work with - and I'll do the same. Spelling and grammar mistakes happen, but if you keep repeating certain errors, I'll just let you know. I like novel style only, other types just don't interest me. So, please don't try and force asterisk style down my throat. I will just say no. I don't like flat, boring characters - I don't think anyone does. Fun? Fun is a must, as is OOC talk. I love to know the person I'm playing against. If you're going to leave the computer for more than a few minutes, please let me know.

other: I'm often in more than one rp at a time, so please don't expect a post every 5 seconds after every post. Although, I can get sidetracked if I'm talking to housemates, or doing other tasks. If that happens, just give me a nudge and I'll post. I love planning games beforehand discussing the plot as we play, intricate plot lines, drama, darker themes and interesting characters. I will not rp mpreg, scat, bodily fluids (excluding a little blood). I don't like constant happiness, over the top fluff and stuff like that - so be aware of that. It just bores me.  I love modern settings, fantasy, and steampunk - but, if you can convince me to try something else... I'll try it.

Okay. Enough rambling now.  Feel free to IM me or leave me a message here, I'm from Australia +0930GMT. I'm online a fair bit, so there's a good chance you'll catch me online.

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