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Higashi Hideo Hotel RP

About The RP
Higashi Hideo is a luxurious Hotel that resides in Tokyo, Japan. This is where all Asian celebrities come and relax. The place where they can get away from work and media, just to enjoy the company of others. Meeting fellow band mates, mutual friends, even lovers. There will be plenty of hotel activities and of course a bunch of chaos. So come and join you never know whom you will meet!

Yes, this is a Non AU/AU Yaoi/Slash Community

If you have any questions or concerns contact one of the mods:
Or email us at higashi.hideo@gmail[dot]com
The Rules
In order to be a part of this community please follow these rules:
1. Request your muse First before joining! Otherwise, you'll get denied.
PhotobucketOOC Community
2. Join the RP and OOC community and be sure to check the OOC often. Also, get to know your fellow RPers making friends from other countries is always a plus, right?
3. Respect your fellow RPers and be friendly. No one is here to fight. So keep all your OOC drama elsewhere.
PhotobucketOOC Post
4. All RPers are to post in the OOC the 1st-10th of every month. (within that date range) It can be a post about character updates, suggestion, request (anything), something completely random. It's to give the OOC Community some attention.
5. If you request your muse and Do Not RP him within that week after requesting, he is up for grabs again. If you do not RP him for a whole month (after being active) then he will be up for grabs also.
PhotobucketHiatus Status
6. If you are going to be on hiatus (away from RPing) always let the community know in the OOC community! If you don't the mods will assume your dropping your muse'. (i.e. your post doesn't have to be detailed)

Rules Continued Here...
Request Your Muse
Before you request your muse make sure he isn't taken yet, you can check right Here.

To request your muse simply copy the code Muse Request! below and POST it in the OOC Community with the Subject Line MUSE REQUEST this will be easy for either of the mods to see it and respond to you quickly! :D Thanks.

Muse Request! Form

Post your Request in the Higashi Hideo OOC. After your approved Join Both RP & OOC Communities!
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