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Seme seeking Uke.

Name: Passity.

Style: Past tense using paragraphs only.
Format: Email is very much preferred, but I am willing to try AIM.
Favorite Genre: Any setting is fine.
Plays: Original settings.
Favorite Theme / Concept: I'm currently most interested in a master/slave plot.
Rate your play: NC-17, PWP.

Would you play ...
- Yaoi? I am currently only interested in playing yaoi.
- Yuri? N.
- A death scene? N.
- A villain? Y.
- An otherwise controversial character? Ask.

Peeves: I will never play with someone who ...
- Creates male characters that behave like women or take a passive role in sex.
- Gets out of character (and often).
- Frequently makes spelling and grammar errors.
- Doesn't put thought into their posts and posts nothing of substance.
- Takes roleplaying far too seriously.
Adores: I will worship someone who...
- Is interested in a sex-oriented PWP involving BDSM.
- Is creative and reflects this in their posts and characters.
- Is willing to play a sub who isn't passive.
- BDSM, especially Master/servant.
- Tentacles.
- Gloves.
- Bondage.
- Power play.
- Pleasure torture. (Nothing that would leave bruises or lasting damage.
Interested in: I'm looking for someone who wants to play ...
- A kinkier sort of BDSM. It might have tentacles, guns and magic but would have nothing like crossdressing.
- Someone who is interested in playing a sex-oriented PWP but understands that playing this should not mean characterization should suffer.

[Sample] If you would like a sample please ask so that I can find one that fits what you are interested in playing.

AIM: Passity
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