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[30 Nov 2011|02:03pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm kind of a grammar nazi and not interested in PWP so I don't know if I'll get any bites, but oh well, here goes.

 Name: Cleo (or Ceri) Yes, yet another yaoi fangirl, except that I honestly identify with males better and don't even have any close female friends.

Contact: PM me with a post sample and/or ideas and I will give it to you in return.

Available: Currently job-hunting, so available an embarrassingly high percentage of the time.

Rating: PG-13 to, I don't know, R I guess. I'm fine with sex scenes but I'm not interested in RPs filled with nothing but sex, and it gets boring describing every scene between a couple who does it like rabbits after awhile. It's way more fun if there's something else going on, like a formerly straight dude trying it for the first time, or someone with a traumatic experience to get over, etc.

Rp Style: Third person, past tense. Always.

Level: Most of the people who say "high" usually suck, so let's just say "I've been doing it for awhile, I'm a grammar nazi, and I read voraciously so I have a pretty good sense of what characters are interesting to read about and which ones aren't."

Format: IM if we're both on, otherwise email is fine. I like to talk on IM at least to discuss what's going to happen, and OOC banter is nice sometimes to fill in the void of silence between posts.

Favorite Genres: I'm open to a lot, except for what's listed in the turn-offs. If I haven't mentioned it, I probably never tried it, so ask me and I'll tell you if I'm interested or not.

Characters: Too many to name them all. I only have original characters; there are a limited number of video game series I might be persuaded to try RPin in, but I've never really tried fandom rp before and it doesn't interest me all that much. As far as OCs go, I have enough to reach across the board. A lot of my guys tend to be seme for some reason, possessive and controlling but "with their hearts in the right place." I also have melodramatic pint-sized divas, exiled faerie princesses, ex-cons and government spies, the ubiquitous vampire legion (the good kind, that actually sucks blood and burns in the sunlight), weres, elves, shapeshifting dragons, and lots of humans. The majority of my characters are actually plain ol' humans, though I tend to play in fantasy settings. I wonder why that is?

Kinks: Vitriol between characters, hot-heads clashing with ice queens, grand adventures, tortured pasts (as long as they're slightly more original than "my family was killed by orcs"), characters with a purpose outside of getting laid, strong individuals, skillful writing, interesting posts, romance that takes a long time to develop and come to fruition.

Turn offs: Poor grammar. If you don't know the difference between your and you're, move on now. I will help you with your grammar if you're actually interested in improving your writing, but if you can't be bothered to even spell check your entries (or you know, write them in a word processor or browser which should automatically spell check it for you anyway) then we're not going to work out. Also, not interested in furries, incest, pedophilia, huge age gaps, or massive, unnecessary gore.

Rules: No godmoding (controlling my character without my explicit permission), making your characters ridiculously overpowered with no flaws to balance it out, or hurting my characters without asking. However, I'm fully invested with getting my characters all roughed up if it's important to the story.

Additional Notes: I always come off as a total tyrant, but I'm really quite nice. I'm just tired of wasting time chatting to a potential RP partner, only to get that first post from them and realize they're terrible at it. I try really hard to make my posts entertaining to read; I'd really appreciate if you could do the same.

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Looking for a seme [30 Dec 2010|02:29pm]

 Name: Mihai

Contact: MSN: Kitetheazureflame@hotmail.com
AIM: Ask me

Available: I'm on vacation as on now, so I'm on everyday. After Jan 3, however, I go back to work. So I'll be on after 3:30 pm EST time.

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17/18 yaoi. Though I would like to start a yuri rp as well <3

Rp Style: Mostly second person or third.

Level: Eh....I've been doing this for a few years now.

Format: Email or IM.

Favorite Genres: Ah, Can't say that I do have a fav at the moment. I'm willing to try anything, and if I think I'll suck at it, I'll let you know. xD

Characters: I only use and play with original characters.  I would like it if my partner does the same. It feels...strange doing an RP with a char from a game or anime. Sorry ^^; As mentioned before, I play ukes as well as semes, but am more comfortable playing an uke. Much better at ukes. xD My ukes are aggressive, speak their mind, fight when need to, play hard to get and are NOT girls. I don't play uke that whine and such. Not my thing.

Kinks: Really dominate Semes, aggressive semes, student/teacher, master/servant/pet, uniforms, S&M play, marking ones skin [biting and cutting] pushing my ukes against walls/tables...yeah. xD Anything else that comes to mind I'll let you know.

Turn offs: ONE SENTENCE POSTS. I don't expect a story from anyone, but I hate when I get  one line posts. Granted I know there will be times when you can't think of enough to say. Once in awhile is ok, but not all the time. If I give you a paragraph, I'll expect the same.

Rules: Don't have any, or much I should say. xD Your allowed to do anything to my ukes save for killing them.

Additional Notes: This is just for fun, so let's have a good time, ne? I like to be friends with people I rp with when we aren't doing one. I can be a bit shy when starting out a new RP, but that will change once I get to know you.
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EDITING ENTRY - Hey, seme here. =] [16 Sep 2010|09:51am]

Name: Gabriela. Yeah, a girl who LOVES playing YAOI. =D Been there for 7 years now.

MSN: oa.gabi@hotmail.com
AIM: shunevermore
YahooM: shunevermore
email: oa.gabi@gmail.com

Online at: well, I live in brazil, so it will depend on where you live. =/ but I'm here mostly at 19. Everyday. But I can change it, if it would be better for the player.

Style: Past tense, using asteristics for actions.

Format: I love playing by MSN.

Favorite Genre: I like playing business man or mafia. Lemon is a must lol

Plays: Original settings.

Favorite Theme / Concept: I dont actually have one, but I dont like vampire, fantasy and stuff. Well, i appreciate something like A social and rich seme dealing with an uke who doesnt belong to his social activities, but that can change easily, it's just an idea.

Rate your play: NC-18+. LOL

-Lemon. Hell yeah, I love it, so it's something that HAS to be in the game.
-Playing with adults. The youngest I would make is a 22 yo.
-Flaming, obstinate, angry uke.

Doesnt like:
-Dark lemon
-A shy uke, well, he may be, but NOT TOO MUCH.
-A crying uke
-A female uke lol
-Ukes that wont do anything during lemon and act like a doll.

OTHER: Well, I'm looking for submissives, so... nothing much to say about it. But just because you're passive doesnt mean you have to be silly, crying, too shy and so on.
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Seme looking for uke, yay [04 Mar 2010|07:49am]

Name: Gabriela. Yeah, a girl who LOVES playing YAOI. =D Been there for 7 years now.

Contact: MSN: gabs.nevermore@live.com / e-mail: oa.gabi@gmail.com

Online at: well, I live in brazil, so it will depend on where you live. =/ but I'm here mostly at 19. Everyday. But I can change it, if it would be better for the player.

Style: Past tense, using asteristics for actions.

Format: I love playing by MSN.

Favorite Genre: Yaoi.

Plays: Original settings.

Favorite Theme / Concept: I dont actually have one, but I dont like vampire, fantasy and stuff. Well, i appreciate something like A social and rich seme dealing with an uke who doesnt belong to his social activities, but that can change easily, it's just an idea.

Rate your play: NC-18+. LOL

-Lemon. Hell yeah, I love it, so it's something that HAS to be in the game.
-Playing with adults. The youngest I would make is a 22 yo.
-Flaming, obstinate, angry uke.

Doesnt like:
-Dark lemon
-A shy uke, well, he may be, but NOT TOO MUCH.
-A crying uke
-A female uke lol
-Ukes that wont do anything during lemon and act like a doll.

OTHER: Well, I'm looking for submissives, so... nothing much to say about it. But just because you're passive doesnt mean you have to be silly, crying, too shy and so on.
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[23 Oct 2009|04:23am]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Nick Name: Yataku or Doc

Contact information:  AIM: inyuasha831  Yeah I  know its  spelled  wrong.  I was 11 when I  made it <.<

Format: third person

Rating:  Okay, I  dont  want  to  give a rating  because, I dont  want  someone who is going to  want  nothing  but  sex all the time but, at the same time,  RPs can go in any direction.
Time online: 10PM-5am(EST)
Orientation: Yaoi, Het, Yuri

 Position: Seke, Seme

Someone who is not too serious. Its  just a game in the end.  If you can  go with the  flow, without having to  plan every little thing that will happen, then Im happy :3
Also, I  love long  RPs.

There is not alot of stuff I wont do but,  these can not be changed.
PWP,  Mary/Gary-Sue, Furry,  people  who  rush  for  sex, one-liners

Im  not a  huge  fan  of  this.  But  one I do  love is, Tales of Symphonia XD  though, no one really knows of it.

I  make up someone depending on the roleplay. =D

Anything  goes  other  then  water  sports, scat, or  furry.

I  love  drama. Romance and all that  jazz.  But above all else, I want to  laugh.  My Semes are not going to be one of those  dream men that has  not  personality. I  hope you are willing to  be playful  too =3

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Seme looking for just the right uke. [12 Apr 2009|01:16pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Well, hello there, posting again here, but it's a bit more streamlined this time. So I'm this seme guy (yes, very much a guy, and yes, very much a seme) looking for uke roleplayers. Let's light this candle.

Mame: Freddie.

Contact information: aim - Logical Mystic, yahoo - imperfectkatoru, msn - imperfectkatoru@aol.com

Format: third person, first person, asterisks, novel, whatever floats your boat.

Rating: Usually hovers around NC 17, smut's almost a requirement in my book, and I'll be completely honest about that. Please don't IM me if you're under 18.

Orientation: yaoi and het.

Loves: silly and literate OOC banter, playfulness, foreplay, smut, saaaaap, lots of love, kinkiness, ukes looking for a big bad affectionate seme

Dislikes: angst, drama, strife, way too much description, taking too long to get to the good stuff

Fandoms: looking for ukes like Quatre, Duo (not that he isn't a switch!), Naruto, Dio and so on. Also I'm interested in screwing with other (possibly het dominated) fandoms, turning a canon girl into an uke guy, that kind of thing. I can't possibly list all the fandoms I'm at least slightly interested in, but there's always a chance I might know what you may want.

Originals: Anything from bandmates to magical boys to elves. Anything light, cute, fluffy, sappy, imaginative, creative along those lines. Sky's the limit there, really.

Kinks: Almost anything you can come up with. Dirty talking, teasing, anything at all involving tab A going into slot B. Magic, elements, other mystical-y stuff to add some flavor. Anyway, there's way more that I have if you want to ask me about it. Might be surprised. ~_^

Anyway, hope this helps everyone who's looking!

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heya... [17 Mar 2009|09:56pm]



- - - -

Contact Information

Name: Elli
E-mail: Finalfantasy_eiko@yahoo.co.uk.
Instant Messengers: Mostly Yahoo - Finalfantasy_eiko
Time Zone/Location: Scotland GMT Zone
Availability: Most days. Hours change though depending on University and Family. Here is the usual time’s I am available. Just please don’t get too mad when I vanish during exam times. I’m sure you can understand.
Mondays - Roughly from 6pm till 4am
Tuesdays - Roughly from 4pm till 1am
Wednesdays - Roughly from 7pm till 3am
Thursdays - Roughly from 6pm till 3am
Fridays - Roughly from 3pm till 4am
Saturdays - My sisters kids come down so this can change depending on when they go home. Usually 9pm till 4am. Might be earlier. Hardly ever later.
Sundays - Roughly 4pm till 1am.


Position In Bed: Both. My semes are usually quite mean and my ukes are usually either ones who will fight back or ones who are too weak and require a lot of help. I like Seme the best though.
Orientation: Mostly Yaoi but I don’t mind het. now and then as long as it’s not the central relationship within the RP.

Come and get me!!Collapse )
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[25 Jan 2009|09:02pm]

OUR DIVINITY is a private yaoi role-play based loosely off greek mythology, sawauchi sachiyo’s tenshinchigi, and minekura kazuya’s saiyuki: gaiden.

premise & settingCollapse )

charactersCollapse )

playingCollapse )

questionsCollapse )

contactsCollapse )
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[23 Oct 2008|03:39pm]

Name: Laime

Contact Information: AIM PostapocalypticC or leave a comment

Available: evenings and nights GMT+3

Rating: PG to NC-17 (although NC-17 is usually due to violence)

RP Style: third person, past tense, novel style. The tense can be changed to present but other than that I'd prefer to stick to that style

Format: preferably AIM

Favorite Genres: modern, usually with elements of fantasy or horror; fantasy with slaves, intrigues, magic and occasionally some dragons. Hurt/comfort in any setting.

Characters: I play a wide variety of characters and don't mind experimenting, so if you want a specific personality type you can talk to me about it. My semes are usually snarky and nonchalant on the outside with varying degree of emotional torment (or the lack of thereof) inside. They are all essentially kind, so if you need someone to abuse you, I'm not your guy)

Kinks: hurt/comfort, bdsm, branding, long hair

Turn-Offs: whiny, dumb, weak (not physically weak but emotionally), immature or girly characters. You can be all of this occasionally, just not all the time, ok? Manipulative characters. Toilet play, mindless PWP

Things required:
- A brain
- Grammar and spelling prowess of a mildly sentient being
- A sense of humor
- A 3D character
- Willingness to work on things together; that includes coming up with plot ideas together, developing the characters, ability to communicate and so on

Of course, I don't ask anything I can't give to you.

Additional Notes: I'm really looking for a person who loves hurt/comfort and plot-oriented RP. A specific thing I have in mind is a fantasy game with some heavyweight plot going on as well as a lot of character interaction. I'm not really up for a lot of PWP right now.
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Hey a Dukes of Hazzard ashtray! [12 Oct 2008|10:01pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Hey there! I'm a guy that loves RP. As for what I tend to RP, originals I can do, but it'll usually take a good idea to really get me going. Like I wouldn't really go for traditional cliche original plots. At this very moment, I almost want to have something slice of life, not as much straight-up yaoi (I know that's a pretty bad pun :P) if we're going for originals, what with the temperature outside falling and everything getting all contemplative. I welcome yaoi and het equally and encourage both. And I'm a decent, capable seme. Anyway, let's get to the details:

your name: call me Fred or Freddie or what have you.

your contact information: aim - logical mystic yahoo - imperfectkatoru msn - imperfectkatoru@aol.com

your characters (or pairings): originals I probably need some help making a decent character, especially if we're going to do something slice of life and calming and enjoyable.

Fandoms are numerous, but I tend not to RP characters as much as I do pairings. Pairings I look for these days yaoi-wise range from Quatre and Trowa (GW, though Duo is also a fine character to be up against) to Nagi and Omi (Weiss), Naruto (pairings are a bit odd for that one, to forewarn), Gravitation (usually Shuichi with anyone else'll work). I also play Fakir from Princess Tutu, if anyone knows. Shigure x Yuki or Kyo (Furuba) is also good. I also play some pairings from video games, too, like Sonic. And if ever I can find an awesome, playful Dio (Last Exile) to be uke it would be awesome to be Luciola.

your rules: I like to freewheel it. Some people may think it lazy, but if my mind's not in it in enough, to be honest, it won't be more than two paragraphs. I want to be inspired to write more, though, and it has happened before. To be brutally honest I don't feel the need for superfluous description unless a scene calls for it on that rare occasion. Other than that, I don't really have peeves, it's just common sense stuff, just have fun, not making it too serious, etc. I do appreciate and encourage OOC banter. I think it is that added dimension that makes it that much more fun. Especially if we like the same music. Music is a great thing.

Also, to forewarn once more, I'm (very) smutty. I'm definitely up for hormonally charged RPs, and I will stop just short of saying that every RP will have it so please be aware. And be of age, too. u_u; If you're really into that stuff, all the better, it makes the fun even more crazy. It takes a certain kind of crazy, though, methinks. Playfulness and teasing are huge huge pluses in my book. Whatever book that is.

Anyway, hope that sent a true enough message out there for anyone interested. Talk to you soon!

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First time poster... [12 Oct 2008|08:42pm]

[ mood | amused ]

your name: Tam, or whatever nickname I'm given. A few people call me Pocky.
your contact information: AIM - hearthepockysing YIM - random_temporary_insanity
your characters:They're hiding under this pretty little cut.Collapse )</p>

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Higashi Hideo Hotel RP [08 Sep 2008|10:53pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

More Info HereCollapse )

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Seme seeking Uke. [27 Jul 2008|01:20am]
Name: Passity.

Style: Past tense using paragraphs only.
Format: Email is very much preferred, but I am willing to try AIM.
Favorite Genre: Any setting is fine.
Plays: Original settings.
Favorite Theme / Concept: I'm currently most interested in a master/slave plot.
Rate your play: NC-17, PWP.

Would you play ...
- Yaoi? I am currently only interested in playing yaoi.
- Yuri? N.
- A death scene? N.
- A villain? Y.
- An otherwise controversial character? Ask.

Peeves: I will never play with someone who ...
- Creates male characters that behave like women or take a passive role in sex.
- Gets out of character (and often).
- Frequently makes spelling and grammar errors.
- Doesn't put thought into their posts and posts nothing of substance.
- Takes roleplaying far too seriously.
Adores: I will worship someone who...
- Is interested in a sex-oriented PWP involving BDSM.
- Is creative and reflects this in their posts and characters.
- Is willing to play a sub who isn't passive.
- BDSM, especially Master/servant.
- Tentacles.
- Gloves.
- Bondage.
- Power play.
- Pleasure torture. (Nothing that would leave bruises or lasting damage.
Interested in: I'm looking for someone who wants to play ...
- A kinkier sort of BDSM. It might have tentacles, guns and magic but would have nothing like crossdressing.
- Someone who is interested in playing a sex-oriented PWP but understands that playing this should not mean characterization should suffer.

[Sample] If you would like a sample please ask so that I can find one that fits what you are interested in playing.

AIM: Passity
Email: Passity@Gmail.com
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[28 Apr 2008|12:37pm]

Name: Joanthan

Available: I’m on during week nights and sometimes during the day and am available almost all weekends. However I also have exams coming up.

Rating: PG and up.

RP Style: I do third-person, novel-style.

Format: Journal.

Favorite Genres: Historical, Original.

Characters: I play original characters in a pre-existing historical game. I like playing older, dominant characters who are either morally ambiguous or on the outside of the law. I’m looking for characters who are submissive.

Kinks: Violence/abusive relationships, crossdressing, prostitution, submission, older/younger characters.

Turn-Offs: Necrophilia, bestiality (this includes animal sex and anthro/human relationships), scat, watersports, vore, hardcore guro (decapitation, dismemberment, disembowelment).

- Decent spelling and grammar
- Willingness to collaborate with the whole comm and create new storylines.
- Characters who exist in their own right rather than as just playtoys for my characters.
- No one line replies. I’d like a little description.

Email: ayan.kho@gmail.com

Warning: I don’t play lovely-dovey romance plotlines. I am also in the middle of my exams and may not always be speedy to contact you.

Additional Info: I've got a character who is a pimp. I’d really love some more little prostitute boys to run around.
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ONORATA: a multifandom mafia RPG. [20 Apr 2008|08:32pm]

Read more...Collapse )
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Pimpin' [06 Apr 2008|10:36am]

Posting this on behalf of a friend who's in China, where LJ is blocked:

Name: Rose
Contact Information: Leave a comment on this blog: http://rploveme.blogspot.com/
Characters: I do original characters. Examples are at the bottom.
Rules: The long and short is: I'm currently stuck on a ship. In the middle of the ocean. With BLOGGER and corny 'e-postcards' as my only contacts to the outside world. This will be a continuous experience from now until May 11th--a little more then a month at present. I really, truly, do not have internet outside of blogger, wikipedia, and google search (but none of the sites it pops up). As such, I need something to focus on while not being maimed by college courses and/or getting lost in random cities.

So, I'm looking for a partner to rp with. Not just any partner, though, because unfortunately I have very specific needs that cannot be adjusted until, well, after May 11th.

I need a partner who:
  • Doesn't mind that there will be no sex in the rp until after May 11th.
  • Who likes writing LONG posts for an rp--I'd perfer at least a page per post.
  • Who can post at least once per day.
  • Who doesn’t mind posting their stuff on BLOGGER and receiving really corny e-cards in response.
  • Who likes to take initiative--IE, if I'm rping Billy and he has a friend/brother/relative I've mentioned and you feel the need/urge/otherwise, just grab the character. I'm not too possessive of characters as long as you don't completely control my main character.

I rp almost anything. I prefer switch characters. I have a soft spot for violence and modern fantasy. My mind is currently nearly catatonic from over stimulation-- I cannot promise what you might get from me, but I'll do my best to be entertaining while likely being on a very weird schedule.

Also, can't have sex for a month. Can't have extreme violence for a month. Everything else--goes. After a month or so, all bets are off.

RP Examples: He was burning. Yellow-green eyes stared at the purple-blue flames that ate at his skin, peeling his flesh like an over-ripe peach set out under the noonday sun. Yolan couldn't hear his own voice over the scream of blood in his ears, couldn't feel the superheated air in his lungs, and couldn't stop thrashing. His body thrummed, he watched flame-like insects crawl across his flesh, he jerked his hands against the human restraints behind him, opened his mouth wider...

And then it was over.

His body sagged. The flames sulked their way into puddles on the floor. He watched them go with a slack, disinterested, face.

"Congratulations." Yolan didn't recognize the voice, though he should have known it was his neighbors. It was always a neighbor who turned you in, after all. Finding a rough talent could be the preverbal goldmine if it proved to be true. It was just his luck that his neighbor ended up being a reader and a breaker—no need to call anyone to do the test. "You'll be coming to the academy with me."

The thoughts only penetrated Yolans mind because they were more mental then verbal. A bit of drool slid down his chin as cold hands wrapped around his chest and hoisted him onto his unsteady legs. His knees gave out just before his ankles and left him a string less marionette, supported only by the man behind him.

He was unconscious a moment later. It was better for transport that way. Roughs rarely understood what was happening for awhile. They were lied to, sometimes abused into believing the Academy would hurt them, kill them. Backwards hicks. Their conspiracy theories saved their children into sending them to an early grave or madness.

Click here for moreCollapse )


Example of stand alone writing: http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f166/t58076-original_fairytale_glass_coffin.html
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Clarification: True Switch [19 Oct 2007|03:14pm]

Name: Cuuby

Contact Information: AIM (culacuuby); (YM (moonbeetle203) not available at the moment)

Available: Eastern Time Zone. Mostly everyday. If I'm on AIM, that means I would like to play (unless overwhelmed by requests)

Rating: PG ~ NC-17

RP Style: Third person present / past tense, novel style. I don't mind script style if we're writing crack or just fooling around ourselves, though.

Format: Email, AIM

Favorite Genres: Modern/Ancient, preferably with a tad of fantasy, or just fantasy all out. I like action / adventure, psychological thriller, gore / blood, hurt / comfort, and humor and angst at the same time. I'm accepting when it comes to well-developed sap or fluff, but please don't expect it right off the top without some very, very long relationship-building. I'm big on relationship-building, above all. In fact, I dislike PWP unless it's between two characters who are very familiar with each other.

Characters: I play switches who due to personality issues, at least half of the time lean toward seme. I play original characters only, in both original world and fandom world. If you have a certain fandom-verse you especially like, talk to me about it (Ones I am most familiar with: Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, and HP). I enjoy characters who are multi-layered and non-stereotypical. I dislike overly feminine, whimpy characters who declare themselves male. I like characters who are active in interactions, unless there are reasons otherwise specified beforehand.

Kinks: I enjoy both sadism and masochism, master-pet relationships, shota, rough foreplay, blood, mindf*ck, and non-con. I am very much obsessed with psychological thrillers. I like manipulation through fear (Not bullied little whimpering victims, but shock and craziness and such). My fetishes revolve around it, in fact. Note: Non-con must be discussed first.

*** I most often play harmless-looking characters who enjoy overpowering those whom you'd expect to overpower him.

Turn-Offs:  I dislike RPing with RPers who don't seem like their mind is in this. I dislike inconsiderate, one-sided demands. I, myself, will also refuse requests if too many present them at the same time. I like concentrating on a few RPs at a time, only. For quality purposes. I don't like furry. I don't like urine, scat, ...etc.

- No net speak or one-liners. Three lines minimum, 1~4 paragraphs preferred! Reciprocal length if longer.
- Grammar/Spelling mistakes are acceptable if it's not done on regular basis.
- If you don't want to play, tell me nicely. Don't force yourself and make it unpleasant for both of us.
- Thoughtfulness on behalf of both parties will help push the story along and make it a more pleasant experience. Self-centered-ness will only wear people down fast.

Additional Notes: I'm a bit of a slow RPer, mostly because I like to think a couple of steps ahead before I post. Please have patience with me. And have fun, of course! <3
And, this template is pilfered from Adrie's post. Many thanks in advance (Er, or apology, if that is the case anyway.)
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hiya [08 Aug 2007|11:48pm]

your name: nikki
your contact information: warumunokyo@yahoo.com
your characters: Well I do mostly jrock. Following characters I have rp as:
Lots more...
your rules: I am pretty easy going. Spelling is a plus, I understand we all make mistakes but as long as you try I am cool with it. I don't really like 1 lines so I am not asking for paragraphs, just a few lines.
other: I'll try anything once and if I like it then I will continue. But if I am not feeling it I will let you know. I just like to try new things and I am always opened to it.
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Nyahaha [19 Feb 2007|06:48pm]
your name: Russell
your contact information: MSN: alexanderoflight@hotmail.com
your characters: 
Alexander: a mix between a seme and uke, hes 16, looks strikingly like a modern day sasuke, and has a shota complex that hes trying to get rid of.
your rules: Anyone that can decently roleplay ^^ i like family settings, sometimes male preg.
other: im not into violent relationships.
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[22 Jan 2007|03:46pm]


We're looking for some good semes!
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